The End (or not)

Well, this is probably my last blog post, and as promised, I am all done!  I quite literally just finished.  I sent my thesis out to my committee a couple of weeks ago, and earlier this morning I had my defense.  Which was a little frightening, I have to admit!  But it went pretty well…
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Writing it up….

So, things are getting intense – my thesis is due in two weeks! – but at the same time, there’s not too much to say.  Last week, though, I did go to the Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference in Virginia Beach, along with a few other undergraduates and grad students who are working with my advisor. …
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More Data, Please!

Well, for such a short month, a lot’s been going on!  I gave a presentation for the Honors Colloquium last week, wrote the paper I’m giving at the Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference next month, and made a poster for the Science Symposium happening later this week.  So I’m getting lots of practice presenting my findings! …
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What does it all mean???

Well, the method works!  I’ve been working on the analysis end of the project for the past several weeks, and that’s what I’ve concluded.  (Hey, this is a pilot study.)  Basically, looking at the data very simply (box plots and scatter plots), I can see that the sherds from the Kiskiak site and the sherds…
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End of the Year, End of the Data Collection

Well, it’s the holiday season and doing work is inappropriate, so I think I’m going to keep this short….