Processing All I’ve Found: Information, Confronting Biases, Next Steps

I am officially back in the states from being in El Salvador for three weeks. I must say, coming back and moving straight back down to college hasn’t given me much time to process everything I was able to learn and experience while I was there. This post will be broken into three pieces: a…
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First Week in El Salvador Update

I’ve officially been in El Salvador for a week–and boy, what a week it’s been! Below I’ve written a brief breakdown of my first week in the homeland.


A Whole World of Salvadoran Scholarship and Art

In eighteen days I will be flying to a small country only 941 mi away from the equator: El Salvador. It will be my first time going back to my parents’ homeland in about eight years. When I was a child, we would go frequently. However, due to increased gang activity, corrupt government officials, and…
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El Pan Que Queda/The Bread That Remains: Post-Salvadoran Civil War Memories and Identity

The following is the abstract to my William & Mary 2019-2020 Charles Center & English Departmental Honors Research Project on the Salvadoran Civil War: