August Update: Let the Interviews Begin!

The month of August has been both characterized for me by both frustration and growth. My goal was to wind-down the “summer” part of my research with a clear path forward. While I am proud of the work that I have done over the past few months, I mostly look forward to school starting and to…
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Legislative Barriers to Pretrial Reform: Horror Stories

Through the course of my research I’ve read many stories of people who have been effected adversely by money bail. I’ll share a few with you now.


Legislative Barriers to Pretrial Reform: Into the Unknown

“I don’t know, I thought an honors thesis would be easy”. This is the joke I use when I explain my progress. The challenges I anticipated are all but nonexistent, but there is a whole crop of unexpected issues. I’m sure that many other fellows feel the same way. For this post I’ll summarize some…
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Legislative Barriers to Modern Bail Reform: Abstract

Sixty percent of the current American jail population is awaiting trial. The average defendant will wait ten months in jail before getting to trial all while ostensibly being presumed innocent by the government. If they are too poor to pay their bail, they will remain in jail. If they have the means to pay, they…
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