Almost There

Hello everyone, I’m happy to tell you that I am very close to the end of data collection. I believe I am just 5 participants from reaching my goal of 80. Not bad! Ideally, we’d have more participants at this point but it’s possible that someone may continue collecting data for this project next semester. Compared to…
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Presentation and Potential Detection of Generalization

In my preparation for my honors colloquium presentation, I conducted some analyses which augur relationships I have yet to consider.


Preliminary Analyses

Recently, I conducted some analyses on my EDA data. I tried to follow the exact analytical steps taken by Olsson and colleagues (2016) so that my results can be compared to theirs. The first aim of my study is to replicate their design so this is especially important. In running my analysis, I discovered that…
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Discernible Patterns

The semester is approaching its conclusion and I’m very pleased with the work I’ve done thus far. I’ve gotten a great start on my thesis which I plan to continue working on over the break. Data collection has also progressed nicely as I now have 45 participants worth of data. This weekend, I will begin…
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Interesting Fear Learning Phenomena

As I’ve collected more data, I have found a plethora of interesting patterns that occur when participants undergo the “test” phase of my experiment. This is the phase in which they undergo the same differential fear learning paradigm they just observed. Most if not all participants would be able to verbalize which object is associated…
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