The Status of the Vicarious Fear Learning Project

Hello everyone, At this point data collection for my project is well under way. Things that were not working well have been adjusted and now it is just a matter of collecting the data I need! One nice thing about my project is that, aside from giving verbal instructions, the majority of it is automated.…
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Filming Demonstrators

One of the most crucial steps of the experiment is now complete! This past week, I filmed videos of several psychology graduate students. I recorded videos of one male and one female demonstrator. This was done so that the video participants view can be matched to their gender. The content of the videos I recorded is very similar…
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Updates on Method Direction

With regard to the problem I mentioned in my last blog post, an amazing solution has been confirmed. We have elected to sacrifice the stringent replication of the original study in favor of a more flexible option. The plan is to use a loud noise as the US rather than a shock; however, we will…
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Empathy and Flexibility

A construct which is essential to my honors project is empathy. However, deciding on what empathy self-report measure to use has been difficult. Deficiencies in empathy are theoretically related to violent and aggressive behavior yet it has been found that current measures don’t account for much of the variance in these areas. Meta-analytic evidence suggests…
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Major Key: Electrodermal Activity (EDA)

Hello, everyone! Things are getting off the ground already and going very well. One of the main things I have been working on recently is learning the techniques of electrodermal activity (EDA) analysis. Since EDA (also known as galvanic skin response or skin conductance response) is so important to my thesis, I will use this…
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