Morocco Week 2

This week’s work was off to a very slow start as Monday was the beginning of Eid alKbir in Morocco. I spent the holiday with a friend in Mhaya, a small village outside of Meknes. One thing I did not realize is that the entire week slows down as people use this time to visit their family…
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Morocco: 1 week down, 2 to go

It has officially been 7 days since I arrived in Morocco. Although my research was slow-going at first, it is starting to pick up and I am very optimistic that I will return home with a wealth of interviews and observations. I have made connections with local waste management personnel and have been able to…
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Mapping Out Field Work in Morocco

I arrived in Meknes, Morocco yesterday afternoon and have begun organizing appointments on the ground to see the waste collection process. Next week, I will meet with the municipal waste collection company to accompany them on their route to the dump site. I will also interview employees to hear what they have to say about…
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Shifted Focus: Morocco

Due to unfortunate circumstances regarding travel, I have had to shift the focus of my project to Morocco. However, I think the change in my project will make it ultimately stronger. I am no longer studying water management issues, but rather, another large problem affecting Moroccans: trash and waste management. I spent two months in…
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Water Access for Communities in the Nile Delta

Hi everyone! I am a double-major in Middle Eastern Studies and Environmental Science with a passion for sustainable development. I am very excited to work on this Honors Fellowship project to shed light on an important issue that may become increasingly common worldwide as population growth and climate change rise steadily.