June Update

I am currently performing hydrogen/deuterium exchange (h/d exchange) on lysine tetrapeptides of XAAA, which X is lysine or its homolog, and A is alanine. I am also looking into the h/d exchange of b2+ ions of these tetrapeptides. However, there is still a lot of necessary adjustments and testing varying mass spectrometer parameters in order…
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May Update

Currently, my task is to perform fragmentation on tetrapeptides of lysine and lysine homologs. Right now, I am currently investigating the b2+ ion structure and exchange of XAAA tetrapeptides (X being lysine or lysine homologs and A being alanine). I am currently restocking and diluting necessary solutions and cleaning out inventory. In addition, I am…
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Abstract: Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange and Fragmentation Studies of Peptides and Amino Acids

Mass spectrometry-based proteomics experiments, are broadly related to automated peptide sequencing. Mass spectrometry experimentation provides structure elucidation and give a relative understanding of gas-phase properties, fragmentation, and interactions between amino acid side groups, which are often neglected in automated peptide sequencing algorithms. This summer, I will performing H/D exchange on various amino acids and peptide…
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