A Student’s Perspective of the Royal Air Force Museum Archives

After my second research visit to the RAF Museum back in June, I was asked if I would be interested in writing a short piece about my experience at the Museum’s archives. I agreed to write the piece as not only did I enjoy my time at the archives, but it would also be a…
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August Update: Research Connections, Popular Culture, and Social Identity Theory

Although we are only nearly half-way through August, this month has been an interesting one in guiding the focus of my thesis writing. In my last blog post, in which I said my main focus for the month of August was literature (fiction and memoirs), I provided the “guidelines” I use to approach these sources.…
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Reading Between the Lines: How I Approach Royal Flying Corps Literature as Social Commentary

Before I made a post about the individual sources I consulted in my research so far, I though it would be best to outline how I approach the different types of Royal Flying Corps primary literature. This primary literature is composed of two major genres: memoirs and fiction.


Research Update: June in Review and Goals for July

Ever since I got back from England on June 8, things have been very hectic. After losing a week of focused research during a family vacation, I have spent the past few weeks scheduling research appointments, ordering more sources, and preparing to start a part time job on my local historical society’s new oral history…
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Testaments to Character: Reflections and Memories in the Imperial War Museum Archives

On May 29 I went on a research visit to the Imperial War Museum (IWM) in London. Although most of my resources are at the Royal Air Force Museum, there were a few sources I wanted to look at the IWM. Due to copyright reasons, I cannot include the photos of the sources I consulted…
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