April Update: The Post-Defense Life

On Wednesday (April 24), I had my defense in the History Department Library. I had spent the day prior preparing, rereading parts of my thesis and outlining answers and points for possible questions Professor Corney said may come up. Honestly, there is no way to really prepare for your defense; after working on it for…
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March Update: Defense Date and the Ever Continuous Writing Process

I cannot believe that it is less than a month until my thesis is due. It is a very odd thing looking back over outlines and completed chapters or chapter drafts and realizing that this is the manifestation of nearly two years of research. Two years of pouring over countless secondary sources, memoirs, and hundreds…
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February Update: Making Headway on Writing

Since my last update, I have made quite a bit of progress on the remainder of my thesis. Although applying for jobs and this semester’s schoolwork have set me back a little bit, I am relatively happy with the progress I have made, especially considering the major concept changes I described in my last post.…
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January Update: Minor Concept Changes and Writing Goals

Since I returned back from winter break, there have been numerous developments to my thesis. First, my thesis advisor and I went through his comments for the chapter I wrote on film portrayals of social identity. I was happy to see such thorough comments on the draft, as after working on the chapter for nearly…
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December Update: Reflection on Thesis Writing Progress and Plans for Break

Since August, I have completed nearly twenty pages of my thesis. Earlier in the semester, I focused primarily on creating a skeletal outline of how I wanted my thesis to look. As I was still trying to figure out how many chapters I want to have in my thesis, this stage of the writing progress…
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