My Books, My Centerpiece

Putting together my research conclusions, I rely on the published books I have. Each offers very specific arguments and their own comprehensive research, so I focus more of my energy on reading them and use articles more for breaks. It gets tiring reading so much kanji at once! These are the materials I was able to…
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Frustrations in the Library

As I mentioned before, I became quite frustrated with my research, in ways that I hadn’t anticipated before choosing to begin an independent project. Primarily, they concerned physically obtaining materials, due to the rarity of both books on the phenomenon of cell-phone novels and the published copies of the novels themselves.


Tokyo and Why I Was There

Hi again! In this post, I will elaborate on my time at the National Diet Library (国立国会図書館)in Tokyo, Japan.


Keitai Shōsetsu, the Media Creation of the Modern Identity (Abstract)

Hi, my name is Anastasia Rivera! I’m a student at the College majoring in Philosophy and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, a concentration within Global Studies. For my honors thesis, I will be looking at keitai shōsetsu as an observable foundation for modern identity formation, as a marriage of literature and technology that speaks on postmodern culture…
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