Teaching the Reformations

My last month of summer research has largely been spent summarizing everything I did for the first two months. For each reformation movement, from Martin Luther to Vatican II, I have written comprehensive lecture notes that will guide Dr. Angelov’s lectures in our class. This process has not only allowed me to review all of…
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Living the Reformations

For the past couple weeks, I walked where Martin Luther walked, listened to prayers where he preached, and raged against the medieval papacy where he raged. It was a fully immersive experience, and I came to a greater understanding of Luther in Wittenberg, Germany, than I could have in the US. A few of my…
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Reading the Reformations

For the past month, I have been ferociously reading books about religious reformations, biographies of reformers, and primary texts that led to the spread of each movement’s ideas. I began with failed 15th century attempts at reforming the Roman Catholic Church, delved into Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin, looked into the English Reformation, and finished with…
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Abstract: 500 Years of Religious Reforms

This summer, I will research various reformation movements throughout Christian history, including the Lutheran reformation, Calvinism, Anabaptism, Protestant Radicalism, the Roman Catholic reformation, the English reformation, and Methodism and the Evangelical Revival. My research will involve formulating my own framework through which to analyze each movement, tentatively as having a strong leader and grievances against the…
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