Unnatural Amino Acid Synthesis

This summer, one of the projects I have been attempting to complete is the synthesis of a novel unnatural amino acid. Unnatural amino acids are those that contain an R group that is not found anywhere in nature–it must be synthesized in a lab setting. Unnatural amino acids are an extremely exciting field of study…
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An immediate success, followed by several roadblocks

As research has progressed so far in the summer, it is becoming increasingly clear how even simple tasks can become challenges of their own. In the first couple of weeks I was able to focus in on one location of our mutation in the protein, which allows me to concentrate all my efforts on expressing…
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Utilization of ULP1 in the Development of a Novel Prostate Cancer Test

I intend to continue my research in the Young biochemistry lab, which in part explores the various uses of unnatural amino acid chemistry and utilization in protein structure. I will be mutating, isolating, and adding fluorescence to a ubiquitin-like protease, ULP1, that binds to certain chemical signals called SUMO that are upregulated in prostate cancer…
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