Defense and Future Plans for the Trojan Horse Project

On Tuesday, I successfully defended my Honors thesis! I am very excited to conclude this long journey. I now just have to make some small edits to my written thesis before submitting it to the archives.


Final Stretch!

This month, I succeeded in transforming three strains to express the K2 killer toxin on an extrachromosomal plasmid. I am now conducting one last experiment for the semester, competing these engineered strains with a biofilm-forming strain under different initial strain proportions. I will be photographing and processing colonies over the next few days. I am…
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Results and Presentations

This past month, I have focused on finishing data collection for the biofilm/toxin competition assay I conducted last month. After processing the rest of my stored colonies, I calculated initial and final relative frequencies of the biofilm-forming strains in the assay and visualized these data graphically. The resulting graphs illustrate clearly that toxin production affects…
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Continuing Biofilm/Toxin Assays: Progress!

I have been putting a lot of time into lab so far this semester. A lot of my work has been towards generation of my Trojan Horse strain. I have done transformations with both an extrachromosomal plasmid and with a cassette targeted for integration into the yeast genome. I am now assaying potentially successful transformants…
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Post-Winter-Break Plans

What with finals and break, I have had to put my work in the lab on hold for a few weeks; however, this time has given me the opportunity to think about my plans for the future and specifically about what I hope to accomplish next semester.