The End is Near!

Hello again! March has been a crazy month for me! I had my ankle surgery at the end of February, so the first two weeks of March were spent recovering- aka filled with pain meds, bad tv and not even a little bit of schoolwork.


The End is in Sight!

Hello again! Today as I write my February entry I can’t believe how little time is left in this process! I am working my way through the second version of my (hopefully) last draft. In the past month I have tightened my argument and am reframing my thesis. I am focusing the argument around the…
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First draft done!

Hello from the other side- of draft completion that is! I am extremely excited to be able to write that this month (January) I turned in my first full draft of my thesis to my advisor. It was so satisfying to see all the work I have put in for months to come together in…
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Winter Update

Hello again! My first blog post from 2016! Sorry for the late post- this is serving as my post for December (just a teensy bit delayed).


Keep on Keepin’ On

Hello again! I cannot believe that I am writing during the last week of classes for the fall semester! How did this happen? It feels like just a few days ago I was writing about orientation. This month has brought along with it a fair amount of road blocks, the worst one in the form…
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