Draft Number Two and My Honors Colloquium Presentation

Well, I can honestly say that I have made a great deal of progress in my novel since the time of my last post. I have finished up a second full draft, complete with additions, rewrites, revisions, and a few deletions here and there. It still isn’t a final draft, but nor is it rough.…
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Giving Adia More Voice

What a crazy couple of months! Finals, interviews, applications, and now, home for Winter Break, I’ve been in recovery. Despite my crazy schedule of late, or perhaps because of it, I have actually been surprisingly productive towards the end of November and beginning of December. Since coming home I’ve managed to reconnect with my story…
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It’s October Already? How quickly time passes, yet how deeply it is felt…

Time goes by very quickly during the beginning of the school year. I’m shocked that we are already coming to Fall Break. My friends in Oregon and overseas in Scotland have just finished off their first week or two and when I tell them I’m getting essays together for midterms they initially think I’m joking.


On August Heat, Natural Disasters, and Rough Drafts

Between the hurricanes, swamp fires, and earthquakes, our first week of classes has yielded to ‘first week-take two.’ It has been a climatic start to the end of a hot summer whose last month I spent in Williamsburg.


Into Nepalese Mist