Winter Break Onward

Winter break is over and classes have begun anew.  I’m long overdue an update.  Each time I considered posting news on this blog, I had to weigh the investment of time against simply continuing work on my thesis.  Suffice it to say, my thesis steadfastly won out.   But it has been months now, so…
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Back to school

Classes start tomorrow and my primary source research, fortunately, is pretty well wrapped up.  The constant commutes to and fro’ from the Library of Virginia are over (I hope).  I’ve gathered most everything I anticipate I’ll need—some remarkable stuff I might add.  In all, I’ve documented 44 complete trial transcripts of slaves that received the…
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The Nitty Gritty

When last I posted, I had a list of about 500 prospective slave trials mapped out in a database, ready for further research.  Although the number seemed huge, I only had the barest of details on each trial.  My task over the last month has been to use the fragments I’ve recorded of each trial…
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Feeling somewhat like a historian….

Hey Everyone!  Well, I’m more than a month into the research so I guess its time for an update: Archives, archives, archives.  Holy smokes.


It begins…

Hey, I’m Bryan Casey. I’ll be a senior at William and Mary next year, majoring in history.  Life’s busy now, of course, but summer’s on its way.  And with it, the beginning of this monstrosity of a project (how do we get ourselves into these things?).