Eclogitization in the Lofoten Islands: Thin Section Arrival

My thin sections have finally arrived and the wait is over! I sent off 20 small blocks of rock (each no more than 3 inches by 1 inch and approximately half an inch thick) and they came back to me in the form of microscope slides. I can now view my rocks samples using a…
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Eclogitization and Shear Zone Kinematics: Geochemistry Data

After six weeks of waiting, I have received my samples that were processed for geochemistry but still await the arrival of my thin sections. Thus, I have been spending some quality time with my geochemistry analysis data this month, and have been able to start a preliminary petrographic analysis of my samples. My geochemistry data…
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Eclogite Analysis: Thin Section and Geochemistry Sample Preparation

After many weeks of sawing, cutting, slicing, cleaning, careful labeling, and extremely careful packaging, twenty thin section blocks have been made from my rock samples and shipped off to be transformed into microscope slides. The majority of them came from rock samples taken from Shear Zone 2, at my Nusfjord site, while the minority of…
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Methods: Processing Eclogite Samples and Structural Calculations

I have just returned from the Lofoten Islands, in northern Norway, and I could not be more excited about the rock samples and measurements I was able to collect for my thesis research. One of my advisers, Professor Chuck Bailey, and I braved the arctic snow, hail, wind, and rain in order to go on…
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Background: The Geologic History of the Lofoten Islands, Norway

Since I will be traveling to the Lofoten Islands, northern Norway this month, (from May 19 – June 1), it is important that the geologic history of the islands is well-understood. Not only will this put what we find today into its geologic context, but it will also help me understand the types of kinematic…
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