Eclogitization and Shear Zone Kinematics: Microprobe and EBSD Analyses in Process

Three of the thin section chips have been sent off to be made into polished thin sections, and with these I will be able to complete an electron microprobe analysis and an Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) analysis. The microprobe analysis will be able to tell me the specific mineral chemistry of particular grains in my…
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Eclogitization in the Lofoten Islands: Petrology-based Hypothesis

As I continue with my analyses, I have had to split my time between my structural analyses and my petrologic analyses. In the case of the structural component, as a reminder, I am trying to quantify the kinematics of my shear zones’ burial and exhumation. In regards to the petrology, I am looking for distinct…
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Shear Zone Kinematics: Fabric Analyses via 3D Strain Calculations

As I mentioned in my post from last month, recently I have been focusing on making structural calculations for my rock samples in order to meet my research goal of quantifying the kinematics of these shear zones. Aspect ratio calculations and plotting have been receiving most of my attention, and I have been using a…
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Eclogitization in the Lofoten Islands: Structural Analysis

Much of the first few weeks with my thin sections were devoted to the petrologic aspects of my research. As I mentioned in last month’s post, I carefully analyzed each thin section for the minerals with which it was made up, made preliminary measurements, made decisions on which thin sections would be best to use…
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Eclogitization in the Lofoten Islands: Thin Section Arrival

My thin sections have finally arrived and the wait is over! I sent off 20 small blocks of rock (each no more than 3 inches by 1 inch and approximately half an inch thick) and they came back to me in the form of microscope slides. I can now view my rocks samples using a…
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