Delving into the Institutionalization of Repression in the Post-Civil War Period in Spain

Ah October! Fall break has already come and gone, and once again the speed with which the fall semester passes continues amaze me. Seeing as I missed my September posting, I thought I should backtrack slightly to recount some of the research work that has occupied my thoughts and spare time over the past several…
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On Missing Ellison Even Though He’s Over in Range 4 and Other Library of Congress Jokes

After the successful completion of my internship and a couple of weeks back at home, I cannot help but miss D.C. I enjoyed my internship immensely, especially the people that I had the privilege of working with each day. My conception of librarians has been forever altered and I have to smile to myself every…
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“Un patio, y un trocito de cielo…”

As I get ready to move on from researching Marcos Ana and his collection of prison poetry, I thought it would only be fitting to reflect on what I’ve read so far. I’ve spent the last few weeks researching not only Ana’s life and his collections of poetry, but also various articles and journals related…
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Delving into my Project and Living in DC!

I am officially onto week 2 of my internship here in DC! I am really enjoying exploring the area and experiencing what it’s like to live and work in a big city. My internship is at the Library of Congress, specifically in the Manuscript division. I work as a junior reference librarian, answering email inquiries…
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Memory and Contested History: Penitentiary Poetry of the Spanish Civil War

Hello, my name is Crosby Enright and I am a rising senior from Groton, Massachusetts! I am so thrilled to be able to pursue an honors fellowship this summer thanks to the generosity of the Charles Center and alumni donors. I have been a passionate learner throughout my school career and I am excited to…
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