September 2018 Update

Once again, I’ve been so busy I forgot to make a post for September. Things have been mostly status quo for now though. Tracking has continued at all three sites – it’s been warm enough here that the toads are still up and about. Thankfully, Hurricane Florence didn’t cause us to lose any animals either!


August 2018: Breeding Season Ends, Data Analysis Begins

Once again, another month has passed in the blink of an eye. I’ve been busy this past month, which is why this post is a day late. Many of the toads of both species have begun moving large distances again – sometimes leaving the area over the course of just one night. Fowler’s toads are…
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July 2018: Picking Up Movement Patterns

Hard to believe it is already the end of July! Tracking has had its ups and down as always, but things have gone more or less smoothly. We had one instance of snake predation back in late June, which we were able to confirm because we actually tracked down the snake who ate our toad!…
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June 2018: Summer Field Season Begins

Ah, the field season – the best time of the year!


Informing Amphibian Conservation: Non-breeding Season Movement and Habitat Use in Three Species of Pond-breeding Frogs

Habitat destruction is one of the largest threats to amphibians globally1. To conserve amphibians, it is crucial to understand habitat use throughout their annual cycle. This is particularly important for pond-breeding amphibians, as many rely on different habitats at different times of the year2. My research focuses on the annual movement and habitat use of…
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