February Summary: Finishing Data Collection

February was a very busy month for me. I’ve been trying to wrap up the data collection I need for my thesis, so I can start focusing primarily on writing and editing. It helps that I’ve written similar material for the paper we’re trying to publish, but I know that the deadline will come sooner…
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Beginning the Paper-Writing Process

Although the two experiments I described in my last blog post have been completed successfully, I am still not quite finished with everything I need for the paper.  The photochemistry experiments that I’ve discussed in previous posts all occur through a reductive quenching pathway. However, I am now going to try to force the reaction…
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Almost There

As the end of the semester approaches, I finally have some exciting news about my project! After running countless photochemistry experiments over the past few months, I now have enough data to include in a paper.  However, I still need two other experiments to work before I am completely finished with my project.  First, I…
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Back to School, Back to Research

Almost as soon as I arrived back in Williamsburg at the end of August, I returned to my research on photochemistry of a nickel catalyst.  My primary goal has been to optimize our system of photochemistry to get as high a turnover number (TON) as possible.  To do this, I have run several experiments varying…
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Finishing Up for the Summer

Summer research has come to an end, and while I am excited to have a few weeks to relax with my family before coming back to school, I also wish I had more time to work in lab.  Throughout the month of July, I performed numerous trials of the organometallic reactions using cobalt, nickel, copper,…
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