January: Coding Coding Coding

Again, please forgive me for the lateness of my posts — I’m almost caught up now! January was a hard month in terms of my thesis.  It was definitely the most difficult for me, mostly because I was in the middle of a process that I had never done before.  Never having done any sort…
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December: Observations and Transcriptions

As I said in my last post, I am a few months late on my blogging — I’m sorry! After I finished all my interviews in early December, I moved on to classroom observations and transcriptions.  I had received permission from every participant that I could come into their classrooms whenever to conduct observations.  Each…
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November: Teacher Interviews

If you look at the title of the blog post and its date of publication, you will realize that I’m a few months late on some posts! The end of the semester and start of Winter Break were incredibly busy for me; I hope you’ll forgive me for my lateness and I’m excited to catch…
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October: Gearing Up

This month, I’ve been gearing up to begin the process of interviewing teachers, which is exciting because I’ll be able to start the actual meat of my project!  Earlier in the month, I was still in the process of gathering nominations of teachers for my study.  I took nominations from the administration of the school,…
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September: Small Hiccups

Last month I wrote a blog entry about why I chose to focus on White teachers in my study, instead of teachers of all races.  I argued that White teachers are generally less comfortable in diverse classrooms because they don’t have the same backgrounds as their students and don’t relate to them as well.