Mathematically Modeling Zooplankton: Plan for Next Semester

I had a very productive fall semester building off of the work I started over the summer. As I mentioned in previous posts, I also attended a great conference on biomathematics in October. All presenters at the conference, including students, were encouraged to submit a manuscript for a peer-reviewed conference proceedings. This opportunity has allowed…
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Mathematically Modeling Zooplankton: October and November Update

Sorry for the late update! I’ve been extremely busy working on my thesis, and condensing parts of it into potential publications. In mid-October, I attended the sixth annual International Symposium on Biomathematics and Ecology Education and research.  I gave a talk on the work I’ve been doing for my thesis, and I also submitted a…
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Mathematically Modeling Zooplankton: September Update

This past month, I have started to write the beginning of my thesis. While I have been taking extensive notes throughout the duration of my project, condensing all my equations and graphs into a cohesive document requires a lot of work. In September I submitted a five-page summary paper for a conference I’m attending and…
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Mathematically Modeling Zooplankton: August Update

I accomplished a lot of work this summer for my thesis, though the summer definitely went by way too fast. While I have mainly been working on research for my thesis this summer, my lab also read and discussed a book called Complex Population Dynamics by Peter Turchin. We had a lab-wide reading group that…
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Mathematically Modeling Zooplankton: July Update

This past month, I have continued to work on my two differential equation model of phytoplankton and zooplankton. It is pretty simple model so far since I haven’t added any extra equations to represent different stage classes of the zooplankton. Simplicity means I am making assumptions about the population (ex: lumping all zooplankton together assumes…
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