The Summer’s End

The summer portion of my research has officially come to an end! A quick update about what has been completed and where I’m heading from here:


The World is in Bloom!

Hello all! Since my last post, I’ve been quite busy processing samples, learning new techniques, and troubleshooting all the issues that arise from it all. But, what is research without a few problems along the way? Between samples not fixing completely, tissue tearing during sectioning, and the attempts to find a way to measure a…
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Immunostaining and Tendrils

How the time flies by! It amazes me that last week is already over. Though it’s a little later than I was expecting it to be, here’s a quick blurb about one very important technique I am working with this summer: immunostaining!


Fixations, Stains, and Microscopy, Oh My!

It has been a busy time back on campus! Much of my time in lab so far has been spent reorganizing my plants (and my thoughts) to prepare them for a good summer. Some of the highlights of the past week have been analyzing the antibody stain that I completed at the end of the spring…
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Plants On the Move!

Hi everybody! My name is Colleen, and I’m getting ready to start on my thesis this summer (once finals are finished at least). Glad you all will be along for the ride!