Progress thus far and plans for next semester

So after the craziness of finals and the end of the semester (during which I had to fly to Davis, CA for a veterinary school interview) I have finally been able to make it back on here to give an update on my project. I have completed about half of the in situ hybridizations that…
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Problem with ISH and resolution

Hello there, The past few weeks I have been solely working on getting my slide in situ hybridization to work. This involved working through a number of problems that required me to re-do the in situ a few times. The in situ process takes about five days to complete in full with all of the…
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Starting Data Collection

Hello everyone! So at this point in my project, after a lot of hard work over the summer and a few setbacks, I am finally beginning my real data collection. I have developed a probe for the glucocorticoid receptor (a process that took me a lot of the time since my last post) that I…
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Settling on a new direction for my honors project

Hey everyone, In my last post I mentioned that I was thinking about changing the direction of my thesis to either look at prolactin (a hormone very similar in function to the one I originally proposed to study, oxytocin) or corticosterone (a hormone primarily implicated in an organism’s stress response). Dr. Bradley, my mentor, and…
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Direction change for my thesis

Greetings! Since I last blogged about my idea to study circulating levels of oxytocin in the blood as well as the oxytocin receptor (location, quantification, etc.) in the brains of methylmercury dosed Australian zebra finches, my project has shifted in focus. My advisor, Dr. Bradley and I, after further research, decided that it would be difficult to…
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