August Milestones!

This month, I began to work on my third chapter of my research. I ~finally~ started to get research participants. After sending out countless emails and requests for volunteers, I had the opportunity to interview a few students and then the snowball effect occurred. Through these students, I interviewed other students. I intend to acknowledge…
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July Update

Time flies when you’re having fun (conducting research). I looked up and July was gone. I completed my second chapter of my thesis, my literature review; however, obtaining research participants has been my greatest challenge. Particularly because I am looking to have participants from another university. Thus far, I have reached out to Department chairs,…
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Research Update: June 2017

Hi everyone! In a blink of an eye, I am already one month in my Honors Thesis research. I’ve spent the last month pouring over literature and theories attempting to understand the vast amount of research and studies that exist in this field. In this process, the focus of my thesis has evolved and taken…
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Abstract: Field to Field, Backbone to Boss

My Honors Thesis will explore what different cultural and societal expectations are being imposed upon African-American girls in comparison to African-American boys in order to understand how this impacts each gender’s attitudes towards college and educational attainment. The question to be addressed is “How does societal expectations of African-American boys and African-American girls contribute to…
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