Home Stretch

Today, I submitted a completed draft to my adviser. This is a weight off my shoulders. While I still have editing, sharpening, and trimming to do, having a complete draft feels good. One thing that I placed in my conclusion was a quote I discovered looking through my AP U.S. History notes from high school.…
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Coming Together

Since my last post, I have made substantial progress on my honors thesis. I formed a committee, I have written about fifteen more pages, and also had the pleasure of speaking with Harris Wofford again(See November post) when he gave the keynote address at William & Mary’s Active Citizens Conference.


The Campaign

In my last post, I wrote over winter break about the progress of my paper, at that point I had written about 30 pages. I had hoped to have a draft done by the time I returned to school 3 weeks ago. This, unfortunately, did not happen. I did make tremendous progress, however, I wrote…
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Writing Away

I have been back at my honors thesis work station here in Baltimore for almost three weeks now. Getting to focus on writing instead of other classes/ school commitments has been great. I have written a significant portion of a rough draft. The draft process is slow because I must constantly refer back to sources…
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Interview with Senator Harris Wofford on RFK

Last week (November 20) was the birthday of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. He would have been 88 years old. Also last week (November 22) was fifty years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with a man who knew them both.