The Eye of the Storm

Hello All! I am pleased to say that I am currently in the process of making the last editations to my thesis before I turn in the final draft. This Friday, the draft will go to my committee and I will begin, at last, to prepare for my defense. It seems amazing, every time I…
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Phew! The entire month of February seemingly flew by in a flash. In a short month, I managed to get almost all of my data approved, and I have identified the last two steps to completing my thesis. I also presented my findings at the Charles Center Honors Symposium and, thus, have managed to prepare…
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From January

Wow! What an excellent month!! Shortly after the completion of my Midterm presentation, I (of course) went home for Winter Break. While I was home, still eagerly pursuing my thesis, I was finally able to prove the existence of a residual population bias in branching random walk algorithms. This being the centerpiece of my thesis…
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Checkpoint 1

The situation surrounding my thesis has taken off in the past month. I am proud to say that, according to the William & Mary Physics Department, I am officially halfway through my thesis!


Finally Getting Rolling

One of the greatest feelings on my thesis thus far has been starting to get some real results. I’ve spent October slowly moving forward with my model problem. What this means is that I’ve been setting up the framework to start working my computer around the clock for the rest of the year. Just two…
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