Back at the College

Phew! September has been a very long month back at the College. I have gone from working alone and having a primary focus on my thesis to the usual William & Mary load. However, I’ve found that being back under guidance has been very useful for productivity and I have been able to get much…
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Thesis: Phase 1 “The Tower of Hanoi Problem”

Have you ever felt frustrated after pressing the power button on your computer and having to wait 10 minutes for it to boot up?


My Personal Uncharted Territories

Hello again! For me, the entire month of June has been spent (aside from a bit of relaxation, which I feel I earned) in working the backgrounds to my thesis. I have found this experience to be very rewarding. While my progress has been slower than I expected over the past month, I feel I…
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Quantum Monte Carlo: An Abstract

Greetings from beautiful New Hampshire!! Dave Geroski here, I am a physics and mathematics double major entering my senior year here at the College and I am super-psyched to begin my research into theoretical condensed matter physics. My research this year will consist of three phases: mathematical background, theoretical validation and application. Before launching into…
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