Creases and Precipitates

First of all, good news.  With some of the new dianhydride I have synthesized, I have been able to make creasable polymers, which means they are high molecular weight.  I will soon proceed to attempt a bulk polymer synthesis. I have also been stuck on the new dianhydride syntheses for a while.  I did some…
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Recent Progress

Let me start off by talking a little bit about SERMACS, as promised.  The conference was interesting, and a great place to present my work.  I spoke with many professionals, and even wound up with an offer regarding a project one person was working on.  I was also able to listen to presentations by other…
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The Thing About Polymers….

The thing about polymers is that they can be very hard to make well.  I won’t bore you with the whole statistical analysis (though you can take Polymer II if you’d like to know) but polymer synthesis doesn’t operate quite like other chemical reactions.  In most reactions, if the amount of each reactant you add…
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Wrapping Up and Beginning Anew

The summer has finished, and there is a lot to be proud of.  Despite the incidents, setbacks, and broken equipment, we have done a lot.  I was able to utilize my momentum from the end of the school year to synthesize and characterize several dianhydrides, begin on more syntheses, and complete some polymerizations.  Now I’ve…
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Trip to Radford

Hello all, Last week, our lab took a trip to Radford, VA, to visit International Scientific Technologies, the company we work with on some of our grants.  We got a tour of their facilities, which is actually a convert school house, gave presentations on our research, and held meetings to discuss ongoing grant applications.  Interestingly…
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