Emotion Expression – November Blog Post

Danny McNeil November Blog Post


Happy Spook Month – October Blog Post

Halloween is a special time for parents and their children. Filled with trick or treat, costumes, and spooky situations, Halloween can be an important opportunity for parents and children to bond and discuss emotions. Jacqueline Wooley, Psychology Professor at The University of Texas at Austin, has researched the emotional effects of Halloween. Wooley states that…
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What is Latent Class Analysis? September Update

For my analyses on my thesis, I have the opportunity to use the Mplus software. Mplus is a statistical modeling tool that allows one to analyze data in various ways. One of the analyses Mplus can do is called Latent Class Analysis (LCA). LCA identifies a distinct number of latent (hidden) subgroups in data. For…
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August Update

The start to August has been an exciting and busy month for my thesis. We have gotten so many participant interviews completed recently, and the project is looking very successful. Outside of recruiting participants and running interviews, I have been taking a deep dive into the theory of my thesis. The focal point of my…
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July Update

July has been an eventful month for my thesis. A have had two main goals. First, I have been writing my introduction, focusing on parent-emotion socialization literature. Second, I have been recruiting participants to take part in the study. I enjoy recruitment, and I get to talk to families to advance the study. But, it…
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