w o a h

Why hello my dudes! This past month I presented my research multiple times as practice for my Honor’s defense, and it went well!


Discovering s͔̞̪̭̱ͅ u̻̻̜̫͖͇̝ c̟̩ c̤̜̫̫ e̬̰͍ s̝͎̟͕͕̘ s͓̟

Hi. Hello. Hey. hai. ‘sup. Bonjour. Hola. It is I, Daniel Speer, providing you with information regarding my Honors Thesis project!


Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

Why hello there! All of us students are back from Thanksgiving, and boy was it nice. While I do miss my friends and fellow students here, there is nothing like passing time laughing with your family or surfing out in Virginia Beach. It reminded me to not get caught up in the routines and stresses…
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Halloween spooked me so much.

Hello all! Sorry for this late post, but all of the science is going ok. Yields of reactions have been decent and/or poor recently, but I have been branching out in new directions, so this is relatively warranted. So, this project seems to be taking a roller-coaster of a trip this semester. But, I guess,…
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Questionably Questoning

Why do I do the research I do? Do I enjoy it? That is actually relevant as my research has found some new successes, but it’s “uniqueness” and captivation of my attention has recently fallen off of a cliff. As life proceeds forward, I have gotten my self caught up with the routines and daily life…
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