Halloween spooked me so much.

Hello all! Sorry for this late post, but all of the science is going ok. Yields of reactions have been decent and/or poor recently, but I have been branching out in new directions, so this is relatively warranted. So, this project seems to be taking a roller-coaster of a trip this semester. But, I guess,…
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Questionably Questoning

Why do I do the research I do? Do I enjoy it? That is actually relevant as my research has found some new successes, but it’s “uniqueness” and captivation of my attention has recently fallen off of a cliff. As life proceeds forward, I have gotten my self caught up with the routines and daily life…
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It is finished. Here you go! 10 weeks of my life through my eyes. I hope you like it’s weirdness. With Love,


Much Ado about (almost) Nothing

Hello all my dudes! This month has been a month of mixed experiences. On one hand, I have found my first successes by creating my first designated product molecule! On the other hand, the yields have been very low so far, so we are currently spending a majority of my time optimizing the reaction conditions.…
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A Turtle’s Lifestyle

Hello Hello Hello!