January Update

I have successfully completed the first draft of my thesis. Working over winter break, and in the first few weeks of this semester, I was able to compile my older writings and add in a significant new amount of information in order to complete my draft. It was a fun process, but equally grinding as…
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November Update

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on my progress. I recently wrote a literature review for my thesis which included both an historical overview and a look at the normative arguments surrounding Mill’s views on representative government generally and election reform specifically. I learn a lot about the main Mill scholars, and…
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September Update: A Very Productive Month

September was a very productive and interesting month. Most notably, I narrowed down my research topic from generally speaking about Mill, representative government, and the Athenian democracy to specifically looking at Mill’s view on election reform. The following is a thesis pitch which I wrote in our honors class:


August Update: Research and Draft Thesis Statement

August was a very busy and productive month for my honors thesis. I was able to finish Hansen’s Athenian Democracy which gave me amazing insight into how the Athenian Democracy functioned, and how society worked during the ancient and classical periods of Athens. This month I also read Thompson’s John Stuart Mill and Representative Government,…
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July Blog Update – Mill, Urbinati, and Fresh Views of Old Works

I can’t believe that July is almost over. After a small vacation at the beginning of the month, I got back to work starting right where I left off: Nadia Urbinati’s Mill on Democracy. Finishing this source was not only incredibly helpful, it was also very interesting. This book was great because it provided a…
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