A time of historians…

I apologize for not updating my blog in so long! School picked up and then graduate applications were due and everything became quite a lot to handle. But I am happy to update that I have written probably somewhere between 2/3-3/4s of my thesis. It definitely has taken a new tone since I’ve last written.…
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A Poignant Interview

A few days ago I had the opportunity to  speak with a Holocaust survivor and president of the Alumni of OSE (Oeuvres Secours Enfants), Norbert Bikales. Norbert Bikales is a German-Jewish survivor who as a child lived in France during Occupation. His story is quite different from other  survivors living in Vichy France. He was…
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The Search for Objectivity

As I said in the previous post, bias is a tricky thing. It is such a disgusting word in the academic world that people forget that it is often unavoidable and quite natural. I thought that I should share in this post perhaps why I have been so cautious throughout my research. As you might…
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Memory, Messy Messy Memory

The first month and a half of research has been quite an eye opening experience. The first road block that I encountered was my own bias. To some extent I grew up with an American bias I never knew I had. It became clear to me when having lunch with a friend as she said…
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Giving life to a name

Recently, I visited the Memorial de la Shoah Museum in the Marais district of Paris. It was an incredible experience. The Memorial de la Shoah museum was inaugurated in 1956 and then renovated once in 1992 and finally in 2005 under the direction of Jacques Chirac, former president of France. When you walk into the…
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