Update for August!

I can’t believe the summer flew by so fast! I came to a good stopping point right at the end of the summer session…I completed first drafts of my results and method section for study 1 of my honors project. I sent them to my adviser and she sent back her preliminary feedback, giving me…
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Progress since June

I have made amazing progress on both of the projects I have been working on. As I’ve said before, I am currently writing the manuscript for a study I started for my psychology lab two years ago. Although it is different from my honors project, the writing experience I have gained has been invaluable. I…
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Fourth week

I’ve completed three full weeks of research, and it has been amazing. I don’t even know where to start. I have been working on my honors project on perceptions of women who confront sexist comments. I resubmitted to the IRB with the changes to my study and received permission to start research on my proposed…
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Perceptions of Women Confronting Sexism

I am Danielle Weber, a rising senior here at William and Mary. My project will examine the psychological factors that influence the perceptions of women who confront sexism. Research shows that confronting prejudice by way of an assertive response to a prejudicial comment reduces levels of prejudice in the prejudiced speaker and observers, and reduces…
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