That’s all folks!

I am excited to report that last Thursday I successfully defended my honors thesis in front of my wonderful advisor, committee, lab mates, and friends! It has been a long year, but I am so proud of all that I have accomplished with this project. I have learned so much about H. pylori, OipA, the…
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Contamination is the WORST

My update today is about how contamination is sad and throws terrible wrenches into very tight timelines. I am referring to a natural transformation I have been attempting to perform to get a particular cag pathogenicity island plasmid into H. pylori. Unfortunately, we had a bad batch of plates and they all came up contaminated very quickly…
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Happy belated Valentine’s Day from your favorite stomach bacteria

We are now in mid-February and I am still trucking along with many experiments and lots of data collection! An arising theme seems to be the difference between OipA’s role as an adhesin and as a mediator of the host inflammatory response. The effect of changing the gene from phase “off” to “on” and vise versa…
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Getting back into the groove

I can’t believe it is almost February 2017! Time has flown, especially the first few weeks of my last semester here at William & Mary. Since I’ve been back, I have been working on getting into the swing of experiments with my new schedule. My focus this semester is definitely to collect as much data…
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Finally making lemonade from those lemons

Before winter break laziness (and hopefully some reading/writing energy) fully take hold, I wanted to report on a discovery from the end of the semester that will definitely be a focus of my project in the spring. As evidenced by previous posts, the J75 cag negative strain of HP has never been the most cooperative.…
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