Crunching the Numbers

My thesis is in the history department, but I get to use my math major as well!  In the last days of November, I started a quantitative part of my research project.  If all goes well, it will add numerical evidence to support of my argument.


Back on Track

Doing an honors thesis is an exercise in self-discipline.  It requires balancing classes, clubs, leadership positions, friends, sleep, and (worst of all) applications with measured progress on one’s thesis – and I am no juggler.


Coming Back

I returned from my research trip to the UK on the 13th.  In my last entry, I expressed anxiety about not being at the pointed I wanted to be for beginning my research abroad.  Now, I am convinced that where I was before beginning my research was in fact a far better place for me…
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Catching Up

I am in London and not 100% prepared for the research I am meant to do here.


Learning the Field

As I discussed in my last post, I have by this point a very respectable background in the science and scientists of the medieval Middle East.  My next step—my Stage 2—was to study the field of science history in general.