Mathematical Analysis of ALS Biochemistry: Final Product

I have finally completed my thesis! I tested three treatment states: 1) IP3 inhibitors (inhibit calcium influx) 2) Minocycline (inhibit cytochrome C release from the mitochondria) and 3) a cocktail of both. There were varied results of the treatment states in terms of decreasing certain X variables (e.g. mitochondrial dysfunction, peroxynitrite, toxic mSOD1 buildup, etc.).…
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Mathematical Analysis of ALS Biochemistry: PLAS and Excel

I’ve officially finished PLAS and Excel for the baseline and disease states of my model. Right now I’m working with the different treatments and cocktails of treatments, which is proving to be very difficult! I was hoping to have that done by this week so I could start writing, but am running into some problems…
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Mathematical Analysis of ALS Biochemistry: Feb Update and PLAS

Hello!   I’ve officially added all of my new data to PLAS. All of the species that I’ve added to the model since running PLAS in summer 2012 have been added, as well as all the new reactions they are involved with. All old reactions (that were in my model from summer 2012 and were…
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Mathematical Analysis of ALS Biochemistry: Starting PLAS

Hello everyone!   Today I made the final touches to my model before starting PLAS. I did my best to finish up/connect some pathways and tie up the loose ends. Of course, it is impossible to do this for every process within the cell. It was hard to tell myself when to stop because in…
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Mathematical Analysis of ALS Biochemistry: Final Stages of CellDesigner

As the semester comes to a close I have to start thinking about getting my final product together. This isn’t exactly satisfying to me, since my model will never be really final. Like I said in previous posts, there is always more to explore and more to add to the model. So I am going…
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