Credences of Summer

I’m back in Williamsburg from my summer of reading and research! In mid-July I left by train for New Haven, both for Yale’s Beinecke Library and for Wallace Stevens’ attention to the city in his work. The Beinecke was beautiful, and held some last batch cuts from the book of Stevens’ letters that Holly Stevens…
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Setting off

Since I last wrote here, I’ve kept reading and writing — the same old stuff. What is different, though, is that I’m leaving for my research trip on Wednesday morning!


June Book

(“June Book” was the name of a collection of poems Wallace Stevens gave to his then-fiancĂ© in 1908; I thought it was as good a title as any for my June update!)


In Search of a “Supreme Fiction”

Hello all! I’m a rising senior majoring in English (and writing a lot of poetry on the side). My honors thesis focuses on Wallace Stevens’ constructions of belief over his lifetime, and my advisor is the fantastic Christopher MacGowan. I’m so thankful that I’ve been given the opportunity of working on my thesis full-time this…
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