July Update: The Art Museum Context

After my site visits in London and the surrounding area, I had a lot of observational data to organize when I got home. I spent a lot of June and July reading through my working bibliography, contacting curators, and typing up the label copy I gathered. Although I only went to the British Museum for…
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The Life of the Devotional Object: The History Museum Context

My research began in London for just one week of endless museum visits. My interest in London was two-fold–not only does it have many museums with collections of South Asian art, but it also has an added complexity being the former sovereign nation in India. Furthermore, many of the collections explain the object to the…
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The Effects of Space on Hindu Devotional Objects in Museums and Temples

My research questions revolve around the blind spots and shortcomings of museums as they attempt to translate the sacred objects of Hindu traditions into a wider conversation. However, this project will also illuminate the different perspectives that museums can bring to such objects. I will conduct research and interviews with museum and temple personnel. I intend…
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