Fall Semester Research Goals

Tomorrow marks the start of the fall semester, which means it’s time to resume work on my Honors research. After some time off to visit with friends and family, I began thinking about my goals for this upcoming semester. In thinking about these goals, I tried to keep them as realistic but ambitious as possible.…
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One Week Left

July flew by faster than June did, and as we transition into August, I find myself with only one week of summer research left. July was a month packed with study sessions and data entry. By the end of this week, I will have run 55 participants, so it will be my goal to collect…
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17 Down, 63 To Go

It is hard to believe that I’ve already been on campus working on my Honors project for about a month now. The time has flown by – probably because I’ve been staying so busy. Since arriving on campus, I’ve finalized elements of my protocol, posted flyers all over the city of Williamsburg, contacted over 40…
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May Update: Participants Around the Bend

Since finishing finals a few weeks ago, I have been spending some time at home in Massachusetts with friends and family. After a busy semester, it has been nice to take some time to relax, but I am feeling ready to return to Williamsburg and get started on my research. While I’ve been doing a…
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Picky Eating and Sensory Sensitivity in Children

Picky eating is a relatively common problem during childhood, especially for young children. It is often characterized by limited food intake, unwillingness to taste certain foods, strong food preferences, and restricted intake of particular foods, especially vegetables. Picky eaters’ inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables is problematic considering the high rate of childhood obesity in…
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