It’s All Coming Together

My final semester of college has begun, and I have about two months left to analyze my data and finish writing my thesis. Before returning to campus, I laid out steps to achieve this goal and so far, everything is going according to plan. As I anticipated, completing all video coding has been the biggest…
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Winter Update

Happy New Year! With the busyness of finals and the holidays, I didn’t get the chance to provide a December recap, so I wanted to give an update on my research. Before leaving for winter break, I reached my goal and finished my data collection. After spending months running study sessions, I am excited to…
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November Update

After a restful Thanksgiving break at home in Massachusetts, I’ve returned to campus ready to finish tackling my data collection over the last few weeks of the semester. I have my 75th, 76th, and 77th participants lined up for this coming weekend, so I am planning to push my advertising efforts one last time to…
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October Update (Happy Halloween!)

Data collection this month has been very slow moving, but I am still pleased with my progress overall. While recruiting participants in October has been the most difficult yet, I took the additional time this month to finish drafting both my introduction and methods sections. Although the thought of beginning to write my thesis was…
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September Update

The fall semester has officially begun, and while Hurricane Florence threw some unexpected turns in our path a couple of weeks ago, research has been going smoothly. Within the first week of classes, I ran a sensory panel for my project. This involved recruiting 13 adult participants who verified that the odor used in my…
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