Summery Summary

Although we can look forward to a few more weeks of hot, humid weather in Williamsburg, we’re having an unusually cool day in my hometown of Staunton and fall is in the air. These last few weeks of summer have been full of errands and applications and the GRE, but I’ve also been thinking about…
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Deciphering minute by minute

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I had taken pictures of a book of minutes from the Foundling Hospital, which were written in the worst handwriting ever – and the time has come to decode them. I’m making good progress through my large collection of pictures from the archives, and alternating staring…
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Last Days in London

At last count, I have 1,522 pictures of documents from the London Metropolitan Archives; I’ve only started organizing them and gathering my thoughts about all of this information, but first I’m on the train from London to Paris for a bit of vacation before I get back to work. I’m glad to have this opportunity…
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First Dive into the Archives

I hit the ground running when I arrived in London last week and soon got my official History Card to begin research at the London Metropolitan Archives! I was probably more nervous about this part of the trip than navigating the city as a solo traveler because I was uncertain about the volume of records…
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Worthy Widows, Feckless Fathers, and Innocent Babes: Defining the Deserving Poor in Early Industrial England

Who are the “deserving poor?” There might be some consensus on those who constitute “the poor,” but there was, is, and will continue to be deep disagreement about which groups are “deserving” of some help out of their poverty. During the early years of industrialization in nineteenth-century Britain, urbanization and changing economic conditions necessitated a…
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