Measuring the Accuracy of Gender-Identification Programs

  I’m proud to say that the first phase of my project is well underway. With the help of my lab, I’ve made a program that analyzes the gender of authors of Tweets. The program compares each Tweet’s handle to census data on male and female names. If a handle contains a conventionally female name,…
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Online Dissent and the Clinton Campaign

Would Hillary Clinton rather be loved, feared, or favorited? A recent Politico article entitled, “Hillary’s Army of Trolls” by Annie Karni suggests the latter. The article notes that although Clinton has more Twitter followers than any other 2016 hopeful, the responses to Hillary’s tweets are far more polarized than responses to other candidates tweets. For…
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What’s in a name

I have spent the last few weeks immersed in names. As far as my project is concerned, names are the only way to determine gender. The first chunk of my project involves categorizing tweets by author gender. In order to do this, I am comparing twitter usernames to a master list of male and female…
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An Analysis of Gender and Online Political Discussion

If you’re familiar with social media, then you’re familiar with the internet rage machine. The phenomenon of internet rage– or online political discussion as I will be calling it–works like this: It starts off with an innocent tweet or Facebook post about a political point of view or a current event. Depending on the political…
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