Month Five: Continued Reading

Throughout the semester I have been focusing on completing my bibliography. Due to the fact that my summer research required 24/7 ethnographic observation, and keeping up my fieldwork notes, I did not have much time to read books or articles on the subject over the summer. Thus, my first semester has involved rereading my field-notes…
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As the year progresses I have been working on analyzing my data. This involves reading articles on my subject matter as well as writing ethnographic vignettes. The vignettes have been immensely helpful when I have been working through some of the concepts in my project. They allow me to recreate a scene from my research…
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Month Four: Gearing up for School

Having completed the ethnographic fieldwork portion of my honors thesis during the summer, I am now faced with the task of analyzing my 200 pages of field notes. This is daunting to say the least, but I am excited for the opportunity to delve into my research. I observed many behaviors in Italy that surprised…
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Month Three: To be away from your home

The month of July has been one of the most challenging for my research thus far. I have been in the country of Italy for the past seven months, during my spring study abroad semester leading into my honors project ethnographic research. The quantity of time I have spent in Italy has been more than…
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Month Two: Complexities

Throughout the past month I have been able to further delve into my ethnographic research on the interaction between asylum seekers and locals in Siena, Italy. Siena’s small size as a city greatly effects the experience of asylum seekers. In the words of my host mother, “people are more closed here.” The asylum seekers can…
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