August Update

This month has been largely focused on completing the writing for section 2 of my thesis and beginning the process of researching specifically for section 1. Additionally, I have streamlined my question a bit. It has been a bit of an adjustment going from full time work on the thesis to integrating it into my…
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July Update

And just like that, July is gone! This month has been an incredibly productive month. While I felt a bit like I was floundering through June, I have really hit my stride in July. It is quite interesting to me to see how my writing/researching process works when it is applied to a project of a…
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June Update

I can’t quite believe that June is already over and it’s time to write this first blog post! I have spent the past month reading. And reading and reading. The amount of literature out there is truly staggering. My honors thesis is broadly separated into three main sections. The first addresses the issue of permissible partiality–…
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Ethical Borders: Citizenship as a Partial Relationship

In our theoretical moral decisions, we usually uphold the value of true equality. In practicality, however, we frequently make moral decisions based on a partial consideration for the wants and needs of ourselves and those important to us. Many people feel that we should be allowed to refer to some degree of partiality– I should…
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