Third Week of Research Has Ended: Reflections on Thailand Hiphop Fest 2019 and More

Greetings readers, it’s been officially just over three weeks in Kuala Lumpur, weeks that have been filled with both challenges and strikes of luck. Getting started on research for the first two weeks I have been here was slightly slow, due to it being the end of Ramadan – no one was having hip-hop shows during this time.…
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Hip-Hop in Kuala Lumpur: Identity Formation and Postcolonial Cultural Production in Malaysia

Greetings readers! I’m Helen McMillian and I am an anthropology major here at the College, with particular interest in the anthropology of the state and hip-hop ethnomusicology. My research will focus on hip-hop music and culture in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For ten weeks this summer, I will be living in Kuala Lumpur conducting ethnographic fieldwork through…
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