Starting School

After taking a bit of time away from my thesis, after starting the first week of classes I am feeling ready to get back into it.


The Final Fish

In the past, during the school year as well as last summer, the number of fish replicates that I worked with never exceeded 3. This summer Cassie and I were collecting data from 6 different fish! At the beginning of the summer this seemed incredibly daunting and our empty data sheets seemed like too much…
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The Scientific Process

One of the things you quickly learn about doing your own research is that the very beginning, before you get going on any data collection, is very slow going. Even what seems to be a small, insignificant detail can easily be questioned and you then have to think about how you can make it better…
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Particle Manipulation in Filter-Feeding Fish

More than 25% of the world’s fish catch consists of filter-feeding fish such as menhaden, anchovies, shad, tilapia and carp. Despite their economic and ecological importance, little is known about how they filter their own food from the water. This summer I will be continuing my research to understand how these fish retain tiny food…
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