LEADing from the Inside

Hello again! I am finally back with my second summer blog post. A lot has changed since I last wrote; I have traveled to Morocco to work for LEAD Africa as both a researcher and intern. LEAD Africa is one of the first-ever hybrid sport-for-development soccer academies in the developing world. The academy combines intense…
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Taxi Drivers Know More Than You Think

Hello everyone! I arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, a little more than a week ago and I now finally have time to sit down and reflect on my time here. I have spent the first stint of my stay familiarizing myself with the city and figuring out what resources will be useful for my…
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The Spatial Determinants and Consequences of Industrialization in Africa: A Comparative Analysis of Ethiopia and Kenya

Motivation African countries are characterized by stark spatial inequality—in which major economic activities are concentrated in a few limited areas, especially in the capital, and cites located in the periphery are choked off from resources. What causes this spatial inequality and how does it shape structural transformation? How does the initial geo-spatial distribution of manufacturing…
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