August Update: Return to campus and prep for research showcase

As I returned to campus and got settled into my classes, I took a brief break from my research to adjust to the workload and my new schedule. Over the course of the last weeks of summer, I worked to locate data sources that will help me answer my research questions. Much of the data…
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June Updates: Public fora, content-neutrality, and my literature review

I have spent the past month digging into the literature on my topic in order to assess the political and social context in which clinic access laws—and more specifically, buffer zone laws—are enacted. There are hundreds of articles and books available to read, so one of the hardest parts of this step has been remaining…
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Buffer Zones and Beginnings

Hi, everyone! I’m back in my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina for the summer after busy Spring semester, beginning my research on the factors that predict the enactment of state-level abortion clinic access laws.


Abstract: Factors Determining the Enactment of Abortion Clinic Access Laws

Hello, everyone! I’m Hannah Gourdie, and I’m a Government and French/Francophone Studies double major at the College. This summer, I will continue the work I began in the Government department’s Dunn Civil Liberties Research Colloquium under the guidance of Professor Christine Nemacheck. This project will allow me to explore the intersection of free speech regulation…
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