January Update

Building off my update last month, I did read Pedagogy of the Oppressed over break and it, along with Young’s “Five Faces of Oppression,” have become very important both to my literature review and my personal research ethic. One side effect of my research is that I have begun to apply the analytical framework I’ve…
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Fall Update

The progress I’ve been able to make over the last few months has been limited by major capstone projects, graduate applications and finals and I’m very excited to be able to devote more energy to my project over break. Over the past few months I’ve been meeting with my advisor and professor about the future…
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Belated September Update

Hello everyone! I apologize for the belatedness of this September update (it’s hard to believe it’s already October!). I thought I would give a brief update on what I did last month.


Imagining Oppression: Final Summer Update

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the first day of the semester! I spent the last month of summer reviewing the data I have collected so far, re-reading the relevant literature, and figuring out my next steps. While I didn’t quite achieve the level of productivity I’d been hoping for, I did make some…
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July Update: Refining Codes & Fan Activism

With my time on campus coming to an end, I’ve been using the past week to take stock of what I’ve accomplished so far and what I still need to do. I’ve finished data collection and am now in the process of narrowing down and refining my codes. As I recorded almost 800 codes, this…
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