November Update

Wow, what a crazy month! Up until Thanksgiving break, I was nonstop working on running more photochem experiments. As per usual, that meant timepoints and late nights in lab for me. Luckily, the experiments turned out well, so I get to hold off on more photochem for a while. Instead, I’m turning my attention back…
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Belated October Update

Hello all! Please excuse the delayed update for October. The month flew by with lots of experiments working towards finishing up a paper by the end of the semester. As per usual, I had lots of timepoints (and therefore a few weekends in lab). I was able to run some experiments comparing various types of…
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September Update: New Semester, Same Science

Hello, all! September has been a whirlwind of craziness. I spent the first part of the month studying like crazy for the Chemistry GRE subject test– which was then cancelled due to Florence, yikes. But otherwise, the semester is off to a healthy start! Working out my lab schedule has been a challenge, and I’ve…
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July Update: Timepoints and TONs

One word to describe the past month of research? TIMEPOINTS. Lots and lots of timepoints. So I’ve been in lab at all odd hours checking on my experiments, spending lots of quality time with the GC. For the most part, I’ve been able to intelligently structure my experiments so that my timepoints fall during typical…
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June Update: Photochemistry and New Directions

Hello all! Summer research is in full swing, and I’ve got some exciting updates to share about my progress…