Finished recovering data

After the unfortunate crash of my computer, I’ve managed to recompile most of my data. I’m planning on starting to work on my economic models in the next few days before classes begin. I am also considering travelling to a country where I could conduct a few interviews regarding the effects of Chinese Aid. Overall,…
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Technical Difficulties

Sorry I’m a bit late on a post. I meant to put something up awhile ago, but unfortunately, I’ve been without a computer for awhile. This is also unfortunate, as I was without a computer because my hard drive crashed and I lost a good deal of my thesis work. Fortunately, Half of it was…
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Working through the speed bumps

At the beginning of this endeavor, I had planned to travel to Angola to study the effects that the DeBeers embargo of UNITA diamonds had on the country’s civil war. Unfortunately, I was over ambitious and I underestimated the difficulties that I would face. I was met with more resistance than expected when I attempted…
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Project Overview: The Effects of Foreign Embargos on Conflict Minerals

In my project, I plan on analyzing the effectiveness of foreign embargoes on conflict minerals with respect to reducing conflict. Recent intrastate conflicts, particularly those in Africa, including the civil wars in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Angola, have brought international attention to conflict minerals and the role of extractive industries in…
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